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A stirring in the night makes

you slowly lift your head,

Paralysed you glance down

over, across your bed,

Knocking at the window,  then

A creaking of the floor,

The noise it stops,

The silence drops,

And then you are a scared.

A glint of a light,

quivers through the night...

Then suddenly a burst of fire

explodes throughout the room,

Filling every darkened shadow with

a vibrant hot red fume,

A figure emerges from the floor,

Expanding 'til it can't grow no more,

Snarling, snapping,

Panting, Gasping,

Clumps of heavy fur rest

over, across its eyes,

Its twisted spine shapes like

the curve of a half moon,

Whimpers escape your lips,

you shrink beneath to your sheets in fear,

begging that this retched beast,

Isn't really here,

Thunk, thud goes its weighted feet as,

It treads closer, nearer...

And its bloodied claw reaches to you

Everything returns to black.


For 'It Runs Contest' [link]
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February 20, 2010
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